Frigotherm Engineering (Pty) Ltd | Unit 9, 1055 Anvil Road, Robertville | Johannesburg | 1709 | Tel: +27 11 672 4203
As manufacturers of premier heat exchange equipment for Africa and beyond, FRIGOTHERM ENGINEERING offers you: a€¢ vast engineering experience, a€¢ cost effective solutions, a€¢ excellent project management skills, a€¢ and fast turnaround times.

During its 45-year history FRIGOTHERM has built up a substantial and

diverse client base that ranges from mines and breweries to dairies and solar

energy providers, stretching from almost all the corners of the African

continent to as far afield as Russia and India.

Our range of products is equally diverse and serves a multitude of needs.  In addition to this offering, FRIGOTHERM prides itself in being able to deliver customised solutions in partnership with its clients.

It would be our pleasure to be of service to you

- we invite you to call us today still.

Big enough to matter, small enough 

to care

Manufacturers of premier heat exchange equipment for Africa and beyond tel: +27 11 672 4203  /  e-mail:
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